Monday, February 28, 2005

6:06 PM// RTI Update

So here's the latest happening with RTI: I received what's called a "contingency offer package" which is an official written job offer; but it is contingent upon RTI being awarded a contract for which they deemed they needed to hire people in the first place. I'll be making more money than I was at Virtual Reality Aids, Inc. and receiving a very generous benefits package that makes my last health plan look like a daily-beating package. The dental plan alone is 40 pages long. Anyway, this provides some vindication that my gamble was a very good one.

If all goes well, I'll start work on April 4, 2005 as a "Simulation Behaviors Engineer" in the Division for Technology Assisted Learning. I'll probably be in a team of about 5 people working on several aspects of RTI's virtual reality learning software. The aspect with the highest "coolness" rating: most of the software is for training military personnel, which requires various levels of restricted access clearance. Check back in April when I have more details on what I'm actually doing…


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