Monday, June 20, 2005

6:40 PM// They call me "Doogie"

Today my collar is white. Officially. Yes, that's right, ardent fans, I'm an official RTI employee. Behold:

The drive to the office was unfortunately eventful, despite having made a test-run yesterday. It turns out that all those construction signs that don't mean anything on Sundays do mean things on Mondays. And then at the orientation, I followed signs leading to a building whose entrance was blocked off by...yes, pedestrian walkway construction. Awesome. But getting-there-type snags aside, it was a productive day. One of the more productive I've had. And behold, I'm making money!

All my coworkers were very receptive to the new blood received today; I came on board with a half dozen others today. And I've already got a nick-name. Apparently, I've had it since my first interview last December. Yep, it's "Doogie", as in Doogie Howser, the very young, but very bright TV MD from the 80's. Like myself, the "real" Doogie had blonde, curly hair, a 15-year-old face, and medical creditentials from an accredited institution. Wait, I might not have all those features. Anyway, please don't ask what I'll be doing because I still don't really have much idea. More on that Wednesday.

[Added @ 7:12] Yeah, so the whole growing facial hair to make everyone think I'm at least 20 didn't work so well. The damage has been done; might as well shave it off.


At 8:31 PM, Blogger Michael said...

Tell me you've not shaved it off yet!?! I'm (was) vicariously living the facial hair dream through you...

At 10:32 PM, Blogger Timmy said...

No, not yet; however, it's good to know someone, somewhere, was getting something out of it.


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