Sunday, June 12, 2005

9:39 PM// Behold! My new reign of terror begins!

Right, so I'm all moved in then. This was a weekend of many joys, the start of great things. Let's see, Friday, John+Andrea created an entirely new entity call John Aiden, which is pretty amazing when you don't stop to think about it. And uber-stupefying when you do. Life seems to be, by quite a large margin, the least likely thing that has ever happened. Yet here we are.

Secondly, Ken+Amna embarked on a great journey, in a way, into marriage. But in a much more realistic way, they actually did. Which is not quite so improbable, but still pretty cool. As executive vice president of the bachelors, I selected a park to camp in, then dragged several unmarried men and one soon-to-be married male hugh-mon there after it closed. My car, not equipped with turbo boost (as usual), did not make it over the locked gates. Thus, it was determined that we park at Mr. Raper's discount delivery something-or-other and hike into the park-and-camp grounds.

The hiking was adventursome, the grilling was yummy, and the sleeping was as much fun as 5 guys and a dog in a 2 man tent with booze could be. Then we left at sunrise to avoid the rangers, of which there was one, which we evaded. Arriving back at my new home around 7am, we promptly fell to the floor, unconcious. Meanwhile, the sun continued its terrible blaze across our side of the planet. Eventually, I awoke to find everyone else still encapsulated in the terrible stream of unconciousness, however, mostly alive. All was well until we realized that parasites live in forests. So we spent the afternoon feasting off ticks pulled from each other. Mmmm...a delicious day that was!

But then we managed to get back on track with the whole "wedding" thing, boxing Amna into the lilly pad, thus sealing her fate. Which she thoroughly enjoyed.

What crazy antics will I reveal next? My parents have been married for 34 years today. They were high school sweethearts. What a weekend.

Yep, that's what spending the whole day watching Futurama will do to your speech patterns.

The unbelievers! The time has come to convert them...into radioactive dust!

Insane theories: 1, Regular theories: 1,000,000,000.

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