Sunday, June 19, 2005

8:29 PM// What the Deuce?

Thanks to Fox's bizarre ordering of episodes, I was completely unaware that last Sunday Family Guy aired a new episode, the intended 8th of the season when there have only been 4 before it. What the deuce, I ask. I went to to learn when the next episode, presumably ep 5, would air, and discovered it hadn't yet. Well, luckily I was able to download and finish watching it just now so as to prepare myself for the upcoming episode in about 20 minutes. Which will it be? 6? 12? Who knows?

Well, it's been a quiet week in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, my hometown. Mike drove to Durham to hang out Tuesday night. Hilarity ensued. We then left simultaneously for Oak Ridge on Thursday night after spending much time poolside. The trip home took a bit longer than anticipated due to a very necessary stop at an Asheville pub, and a trip to the Smokies for our firefly viewing pleasure. All in all, quite an adventure. A quick father's day celebration, some hellos/huzzahs to some new fathers, and off to Durham I went!

And I'm back. I made a practice run to RTI this afternoon, testing multiple routes for swiftness and adventure factor. Just 13 hours until my first day of work, real benefits kick in, actually do something productive, etc. day. It's been a fun six months. I've been to Paris, Madrid, & the beach, and spent some quality time with Beija.

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