Wednesday, May 11, 2005

5:52 PM// RTI Update

Now with more June 1st.

I meet the legal definition of a fornicator.

According to North Carolina law, I am in clear violation of the Fornication and Adultery Statute because I live with my unmarried girlfriend. I suppose I would remain in violation if she were married to someone else as well. Anyway, my favorite part of this article is where the executive director for the NC Family Policy Council, a conservative group, supports this 200 year-old law, citing studies suggesting premarital cohabitating couples do not enjoy successful marriages. Naturally, this is an important point to consider before moving in together, but do "violators" really deserve six months in prison? So the Family Policy Council thinks making people obey certain courting rituals on pain of prison will make marriages work? Whose business is it of theirs how I choose to conduct a marriage? And who said people who live together have to get married anyway?

Ironically, this law removes heterosexuals' rights to live together premaritally, while saying nothing of homosexual couples, since two or more same sex persons may live together without fear of doing hard-time (as an actor said to a bishop). I'd wager there are few laws that simultaneously find favor with conservatives and give more rights to gay couples.

Special thanks to Alex for bringing this to my attention.


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