Thursday, April 21, 2005

6:03 PM// RTI Update

My new estimated start date is May 16th. I can't stress enough how I've been counting down the days. To pass the time, I've been dabbling in yard work around town which has the added benefit of providing miniscule funds so that I don't starve before I can really rake it in, as it were. I love to compare the amount I make per week doing yard work to the amount I'd make in a half day working at RTI. For example, if I'd started RTI on April 4th as originally planned, I'd have already made about twice as much as in the last two months doing webdesign, and more than enough to completely finance my earlier trips to France & Spain.

Not that I'm driven by money -- no no. I have no interest in acquiring wealth beyond wealth, but I would like very much not to have to think about it. Also, graduate school, culinary school, extensive travel, entrepenueral concepts, etc. are all possibilities on the horizon -- all things that having a bit of savings wouldn't hurt in the least.

I'm also trying to get back into tutoring. I've been to Raleigh's Haven House: Project READY a few times to flex my math muscles for determined, however unfortunately undereducated, youth. This does mean I've been getting out of the house and interacting with real, live human beings; and I always have Beija to keep me occupied.


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