Sunday, May 01, 2005

5:54 PM// Family Guy is Back!

North by Northwest Cary Grant deftly evades a biplane wielding the lead sandwich special

Just watched the much anticipated return of Family Guy. Well done, well done. I'd really like to introduce more people to great movies like North by Northwest, so often parodied in Groenian animation. Anytime a character narrowly escapes death by a bullet vomiting biplane in a corn field, you have North by Northwest to thank (although, curiously, the biplane in North by Northwest initially tried to smother Cary Grant with pesticide, something not often repeated). The DVD cover art actually depicts this scene. Finding reasons for main characters to appear in rural corn furtile lands is another thing. Remember the Simpsons where Marge develops a fear of flying? "This is what a cornfield looks like. Oh." That happened in tonight's Family Guy too, but the secret hideout atop Mt. Rushmore was a dead giveaway, made all the better by it belonging to Mel Gibson.

Grant and Saint hang precariously from Mt. Rushmore.

Anyway, if you want to enrich your life with yet another Hitchcock triumph, don't hesitate to call.

On a much more depressing note, I subjected myself to nearly half of American Dad's second excrementing…er, airing. Blah. What happened MacFarlane? I would say American Dad is Family Guy's evil twin, but I think it can be more aptly described as Family Guy's neck boil which rotted off and promptly recongealed in a gutter somewhere as American Dad.


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