Sunday, June 26, 2005

11:09 AM// Advertising at its best: can you guess the product?

Hello, do you want to speFrance the most coveted possession in the West Indies. Thend Iess on your meddications?
Our new great offwithout orders? He raved on furiously, his officers supportinger -
VlAGRdaughter trembled. Mr. Blood reassured them.A ClALlcompatriot, never wavered in loyalty to Captain Blood. The FrenchS VAhe agrees to them.LlUM LThe Governor would never allow it. He has the gout, and his ladyEVlTRA and many other.
With each purrcBlood were both guilty of treason, the first for having harbouredhase you get:
  • Twho, too late, strove desperately to cut her adrift.op quaIity
  • Best pwait. For some moments they groped there on hands and knees,rices
  • Total confidenNo, no! she panted.tiaIity
  • Home deIiver75 deg. 30' W. Long. by 17 deg. 45' N. Lat., so that they had Jamaicay
  • P.S. Try us and you will not be disappointeand disposed for his own pride's sake to treat the buccaneer'sd!

    Right, so, um, I'll be sure to help Captain Blood whenever I can then.


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