Saturday, July 02, 2005

1:15 PM// Great moments in acquisition

"Swing away, Merrill; swing away."
Graham Hess, realizing all the unfortunate "random events" in his life have coalesced into a convenient, "miraculous" situation that implies a higher power is indeed watching over him and his family. His late wife's dying breath "Tell Graham: see, swing away, Merrill", is in fact not the result of random nerve firings, but an important message that only makes sense in the context of total catastrophe.
"He is the one."
The Matrix
Morpheus, after Neo rises from the dead, confirming Morpheus' life's quest to discover the one, thus saving humanity, was not in vain.
"Fire at will!"
Star Trek: Nemesis
Captain Picard, upon learning the position of Shinzon's ship through the power of Troy's telepathy, and is not, as commonly thought, referring to his first officer.
"That's not true; that's impossible!"
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
Luke Skywalker, after searching his feelings to confirm Darth Vader is indeed his father.
"It works! I've finally invented something that works!"
Back to the Future
Emmett "Doc" Brown, after learning that despite enduring decades of failed inventions, eventually he will invent a working time machine, out of a DeLorean.
"A strange game; the only winning move is not to play."
War Games
Joshua, a program designed to play a series of nuclear warfare simulation "games" running on the WOPR (War Operations Plan and Response), a computer that controls the entire arsenal of ICBMs in the United States, upon learning that the best way to "play" a nuclear warfare game is not to, something Joshua learns in a matter of days while his human counterparts still haven't figured it out.
"Mr. McKittrick, after careful consideration, sir, I've come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks."
War Games
General Jack Beringer, providing analysis of the WOPR (see above) just before Joshua reaches his decision about the futility of war and is on a seemingly irreversible path to plunge the World into a nuclear holocaust by launching every ICBM in the United States towards Russia in standard total annihilation fashion, not being able to understand the difference between a computer simulation and the real world. This confirms the General's earlier misgivings about entrusting the safety of the nation to "some silicon diode."
"I am Tyler Durden."
Fight Club
Tyler Durden, upon learning that he and his alter terrorist ego, are in fact the same person.
"They're using our own satellites against us, and the clock is ticking."
Independence Day
David Levinson, revealing to the President irrefutable proof of the aliens' hostile intent in the form of a simple countdown.
"You've found the primer?!"
Dr. Elenoire Arroway, realizing Mr. Hadden has discovered the coveted "primer", the key to decoding the alien message, possibly facilitated by his creating the message in the first place.


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