Tuesday, August 16, 2005

2:49 PM// I am

In an attempt to copy Mike, I'm reporting all the things Tim is according to Google:

Tim is able to see his brother
Tim is back in action
Tim is now playing in Rome
Tim is a quiet and easy-going guy
Tim is of Norwegian and Irish descent although he is also 1/64 Cherokee
Tim is one of eleven contributing authors
Tim is co-author of Essential Oracle8i Data Warehousing
Tim is now offering individual philosophical counselling and philosophical coaching in London
Tim is NOT dead
Tim is dead
Tim is writing a book on Big Business's use of Big Government
Tim is Chief Executive Officer of InterKnowlogy
Tim is included with each TR1000 for Microsoft Speech Server
Tim is tightly integrated with Microsoft Speech Server
Tim is an emalgarmation of Ideas and Concepts that have helped to shape the Universe!!!
Tim is a tremendous example for all of us
Tim is toppled by Fred
Tim is leaving
Tim is beautiful people
Tim is a revealing experience
Tim is made out of a polystyrene ball
Tim is a paradigm for our community
Tim is tapping again
Tim is tooting his horn
Tim is a star gazer
Tim is expected to create a modest increase in IMF financing
Tim is one of the most acclaimed albums of its era
Tim is the most well-rounded character you've been asked to play
Tim is the one
Tim is also hanging onto the chair
Tim is now portable
Tim is this
Tim is dead
Tim is thinking
Tim is wearing a tie and masturbating a Bud Light as he dances
Tim is!
Tim is able to automatically identify these generic types
Tim is the coolest man ever to live.

And there you have it. All things Tim is.


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